In the spring of 2015, a dairy farmer in Betsukai Town started moving towards independence of agricultural management. Soon, commercialization was realized as BETSUKAI NO OISHII Milk.

Raw milk, the main ingredient of milk that is generally sold, is made by milking raw milk squeezed by multiple regions and multiple dairymen.

BETSUKAI NO OISHII Milk is made with only raw milk squeezed by the limited production standards by limited dairymen, so it is milk with traceable clear dairy faces.


We want to give each and every traveler a lot of excitement.

From such a feeling, I collaborated with the heart of a dairy farmer in Betsukai Town with イランカラプテー. OTONA NO ICE  that used raw milk from Betsukai has finished in an adult taste with a little rum.

Ice cream naturally nurtured in Hokkaido will surely heal your heart. 


It means "Please let me touch your heart gently" in Ainu race words. 

Amai-sake au lait

Based on raw milk from Betsukai, sweet sake made with Hokkaido sake cake and honey was newly added.

It is a sweet and creamy milk drink of a new sense sticking to all Hokkaido raw materials blended with Nemuro's local wine "Northern wins" sake cake, Hokkaido honey from the dairy kingdom's fresh raw milk, more than 50%.

Please enjoy the original flavor of Betsukai milk and refreshing taste with local refreshing "wins of north" refreshing. It can be delicious whether it cools or warms.